Mark of the Beast - Custom Dog Tag

Mark of the Beast - Custom Dog Tag

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This Beast's Feast exclusive dog tag is one of a kind. Each tag is meticulously hand stamped in partnership with the artisans of Dexter's Tag Lab

Each tag will include a customization of your dogs name, and a phone number for the back.

Notes from Dexter's Tag Lab

About the Our Tags:

All tags are hand-stamped, made to order and I can not guarantee that they will all look the same/exactly like the images posted. They are made using metal stamps and a hammer!

The tag comes with a small and large split ring! 

About the Metals:

Nickel Silver has a silvery appearance. It is an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc. Slightly tarnishes overtime.

Tag Care/Suggestions:

Try not to get them wet.

Having fewer tags on the dog's collar will help prevent scratches.

If you want to polish them, you can use 0000 steel wool and then pro polish pads.

To fill in the design, if black coloring comes off, you can use a black sharpie (or industrial black sharpie). Wait for it to dry, wipe with a cloth and rubbing alcohol. 

*This hand stamped tag is custom made to order and may ship separately from the rest of your purchase depending on production time (up to 2 weeks)