The Beast's Feast
The Beast's Feast
The Beast's Feast
The Beast's Feast

The Beast's Feast

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This combo pack includes this month's Organ, Muscle, and Seafood of the month.

This month's Feast includes:

3 oz Turkey Gizzard Jerky:

Turkey Gizzards are a delicious nutrient dense treat that is also protein rich. They contain Niacin, Iron, and vitamin B12 which are essential for proper brain function. A hard and chewy treat, to soften up jerky for older/smaller pets soak in water to rehydrate for 15-30 minutes.

3 oz Pork Liver:

Dehydrated USDA Inspected Pork Liver dried for several days in a commercial dehydrator. Dried low and slow to preserve as many nutrients as possible. Pork Liver is a great source of Vitamins, specifically A, B12, B6. A very rich and nutrient dense organ. 3 Ounces of dried liver, approximately 1.5 pounds when fresh.

Feeding guidelines:

Introduce sparingly if feeding for the first time 1-3 pieces, depending on your dog's size. Feed any Liver treats intermittently and in moderation as some dogs may be sensitive to the high amount of Vitamin A. 

2 oz Whole Shrimp :

A Delicious low fat snack, rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Super crunchy and easy to eat for older dogs.

(3) Pork Ears

All Natural Pig Ear Chews (3 pcs)

No preservatives or additives, just a dried pig's ear from pigs raised in the Midwest!