Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

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All Natural Preservative Free Chicken Feet. Our Chicken feet are made from 100% human grade chicken and are dried in a commercial drier at low temperatures for several days to lock in the flavor and preserve their nutrients.

Chicken feet are a very good source of Calcium and Phosphorus. Perfect for building and maintaining strong teeth and bones. In addition to being beneficial nutritionally, they act as a natural toothbrush!

As with any chew containing bones, make sure you supervise your pet and allow them access to water. If your pet has a habit of swallowing without proper chewing hold the chew and allow them to gnaw off from it, just watch out for your fingers! If you observe any sharp pieces or dangerous chewing behavior take away the chew.

Our chicken feet come with their toe nails intact, if you would like them snipped off just leave us a message at checkout!